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PMRC Executive Director Ms. Bernadette Deka and Ms. Aliness Mumba-Head of Research and Analysis met with Ms. Laura Cobb Senior Technical Advisor and Ms. Mine Metitiri Programme Officer from the Data for Health Initiative in New York, to discuss areas of collaboration between the two institutions as well as to hand over PMRC publications.

The Data for Health Initiative seeks to assist ministries of health and other public health stakeholders in low- and middle-income countries such as Zambia to better use data to advance public health policymaking.  The Initiative will provide technical assistance, training, and other forms of support to local institutions so that they are better equipped to use data for policy research, advocacy as well as decision making. Ms. Deka and Ms. Laura Cobb were optimistic about the collaboration between PMRC and the Data for Health Initiative and the impact the partnership will have on policy issues in Zambia’s health sector.