The Policy Monitoring and Research Centre (PMRC) is a public policy think tank that was established in 2012 to promote public understanding through research and education. Our role is to encourage and facilitate debate on social and economic policy issues critical to national development. PMRC’s vision is “Unlocking Zambia’s Potential” through evidence-based policy research analysis and reform proposals.

PMRC is a grant-aided institution under Gazette Notice No. 123 of 2021 within the Ministry of Finance and National Planning.

The institutions’ core analytical areas include; economic Development, Good Governance, Natural Resources & the Environment, and Social Development & Livelihoods.

Within these work areas, PMRC seeks to:

  • Promote public understanding through research and education;
  • Encourage debate on social and economic policy issues critical to national development;
  • Disseminate research-based policy reform proposals; and
  • Support the Government in recommending policies and procedures critical for national development.

To deliver its mandate PMRC works with, and leverages pragmatic information, communication, and outreach networks of various institutions. These include Government, Civil Society Organizations (CSO), Academia, International Organizations and Cooperating Partners, National Assembly, Private Sector, and the Media. This approach of collaboration has enhanced PMRC’s relevance to national development through awareness of public policy.

In the last 10 years, PMRC’s internal and external operating environment has undergone major institutional transformation. There has been an increased demand for the institutions’ work and its outputs from numerous stakeholders. Due to the changes in the policy environment, there has been an increased need for a highly competent and productive workforce that is capable of responding to the ever-evolving space. Therefore, in keeping with its vision to unlock Zambia’s potential through producing high-quality, relevant and timely policy analysis, evidence-based research and reform proposals critical for national development, PMRC has to constantly adapt to the ever-changing operating environment and ensure that it continues to deliver quality services in line with its mandate.


Objectives of the Assignment

  • Job Evaluation and Human Resource Audit.


Scope and Specific Objective of the Consultancy

  • To analyze the existing institutional structure and its alignment to the mandate, stated aims, thematic areas, and matching financial capacity;
  • To recommend an appropriate institutional structure for PMRC and its consequent staffing levels based on the outcome of the skills gap analysis;
  • To conduct a job evaluation on all jobs and undertake a job grading exercise for all jobs in order to ensure that the job grading structure properly reflects the relative weight and size of the jobs as intended in the institutional structure;
  • Review and analyze the current job descriptions and develop job specifications for current and revised structures and propose key performance indicators;
  • Develop an institutional salary structure;
  • Implement a Performance Management System that is robust enough to ensure that staff deliver on agreed targets based on annual plans.
  • Conduct a job evaluation/analysis exercise on the duties, responsibilities, necessary skills, outcomes, and the required work environment;
  • Suggest the basis for developing an equitable pay structure across PMRC based on a logical method of measuring relative job scope and size and best practice;
  • Recommend an appropriate bonus system for the institution;
  • Presentation and submission of a final skills gap analysis report results and recommendations related to appropriate organizational structure; and
  • Recommend effective communication and change management throughout the process.



The individual should demonstrate;

  • Minimum of Masters Degree in fields related to human resource management, change management, statistics and related fields;
  • Minimum experience of 5 years in providing similar services;
  • Proven track record in the area of compensation and benefits analysis, including for comparable international organizations for at least five years;
  • Experience in the field of human resource management and experience in undertaking salary surveys for at least five years;
  • Familiarity with labour market issues for at least five years and knowledge of the Employment Code Act of 2019;
  • Ability to render consulting services in the most professional, effective and efficient manner;
  • Fluent in English; and
  • Excellent writing and presentation skills.


Expected deliverables

  • Inception report
  • Skills gap analysis report.
  • Job evaluation report.
  • Proposed institutional structure.
  • Proceedings report.



This assignment will be executed over 20 working days.


Application procedure

Expressions of interest clearly marked “Expression of Interest for consultancy to provide services to conduct a Job Evaluation and Skills Gap Analysis of PMRC” must be submitted via email only to and copy

The closing date for the Expression of Interest is 22nd July 2022 at 17:00hrs Local Time. Late Expressions of interest will not be accepted.

Applications must be addressed to:

The Acting Executive Director

Policy Monitoring and Research Centre

Corner of John Mbita and Nationalist roads, Ridgeway

Private Bag, KL 10