Zambia does not have one consolidated and widely accepted tool for measuring Government delivery of development commitments and targets. Instead there are a number of measurement frameworks, which sometimes lead to inconsistent measurements of progress and outcomes across several data sources. Within Government, there are several Key Performance Indicators which also provide an opportunity for harmonisation. There is an opportunity to develop a single, widely accepted composite index, the Government Delivery Index (GDI).

The GDI will create awareness and drive Government to align its various strategies, track and timely review its performance. Alignment of key strategic documents is an urgent requirement as it will enhance a harmonized way of monitoring Government delivery, says Salim Kaunda, PMRC – Researcher.

You can read the Detailed Policy Brief here:


Do you think the Government should develop and abide by a single, common Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) tool, for measuring its performance and delivery?