Situational Analysis  of Housing in Zambia

Currently like any other urbanizing country, the Zambian housing sector is experiencing challenges of shortages in decent  and affordable housing and the growth of unplanned settlements.  These shortages are mostly attributed to inefficiencies of the housing market to meet the housing demand, lack of sustainable housing finance and population increase. According to a study conducted by  Zambia Institute of Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR) in 2014, Zambia has a housing stock of 2,500,000 units and an annual housing production of 73,000 units which is below the expected  annual production of 222,000  units per year.  The current housing production has lead to  a housing deficit of 1,539,000 as at 2014  and failure to  increase housing production might lead into a deficit of 3,328,904 units by 2030.