Over time, it has been realized that citizens’ negative mindsets are some of the key national constraints to development and social transformation in many nations. Growth of any country’s economy is only possible if citizens play their various roles and responsibilities diligently. The wealth of society is created by the collective efforts of citizens who include workers, farmers, intellectuals and entrepreneurs, among many others. If citizens do not have a culture of hard work and sacrifice, there would be minimal economic progress the country can make in spite of progressive policies. Experience has shown that countries with an entrenched culture of hard work develop faster. In view of this, the President of the Republic, His Excellency Mr. Edgar C Lungu, during the official opening of the second session of the Twelfth National Assembly of Parliament emphasized on the need for a “change of mindset” in order for the country to achieve aspirations in the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP 2017-2021) . This analysis focused on the role of mindset in the implementation of the 7NDP whilst also depicting the need for a mindset education Programme in Zambia.1

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