Zambia aspires for greater economic growth and sustainable development; this requires well-articulated policy and regulatory coherence. The Paris Declaration proclaims a harmonized development agenda between cooperating partners (CP‟s) and Government. There is need for a focused comprehensive developmental plan, mapping strategies, projects, programmes and policies. The government has various frameworks employed to guide and sequence the developmental process. These frameworks contain guiding policies, strategies and implementation plans that outline sequential execution of the development policies. They also contain core areas of interest and general priorities, highlighted by either Government or CP‟s.

Analysis shows, the purpose of all these guiding documents is sustainable development. Many of the targeted sectors are similar but there are lapses, differences of priorities, as well as varying key performance indicators (KPIs). Implementation plans and M&E mechanisms are also notable absentees. This builds the case for serious consideration of harmonising all documents guiding Zambia’s delivery and development agenda. Says Salim Kaunda and Chileshe Chaunga, PMRC Researchers.